Brodie Engineering are always trying to upskill and invest in our employees. Recently, we have invested in two new apprentices in addition to placing 5 of our permanent semi-skilled staff onto a modern engineering apprenticeship.

We acknowledge that not only does this create a stronger and more skilled workforce here at Brodie Engineering to allow us to provide the highest quality work to our customers, but it also shows our employees how we value hard work and that we are willing to invest in them and their future. It also demonstrates our commitment to our workforce and planning for the future to support the rail industry.

We offer our employees a range of apprenticeships including but not limited to mature apprenticeships, semi-skilled apprenticeships and modern engineering apprenticeships.

If you have what it takes to join Team Brodie, you can get in contact with us today or visit our Vacancies page to see if we have a role suitable for you. If we don't have any positions available at the moment, you can leave your CV and register your interest on the Vacancies page also.

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